Handwriting and Coffee Encounter

Words inked

 on lined page

have a beauty all their own

like seeds sown

in even rows

that ripen in time

bursting forth bounty

colorful and fine



sometimes worthy to be eaten


                                                            Coffee Encounter               


He peers over

his computer screen

Eyes catch mine

with a smile

then back to work

or so it seems

as we share a table

in the coffee cafe

where voices hum

tea sings ole’

and bagels are creamed

midst the alphabet

soup of keyboards

and the potpourri

of dreams




About geniecan

Born and raised in " America's finest City" received BS degree in nursing years ago... main career besides wife and motherhood ( and now a grandma)was as a hospice RN for 18 years...Take great joy in finding the good in all things and believing that " No Thing is Ordinary" the title of my blog. I am working on a children's picture book story named R-Qu.. a rock falls of his mountain. Writing poetry is one of my happiest things to do. Yoga, water aerobics,, gym exercise and walking our wheaton terrior, Finley, with my husband Jim are favorite things...oh yes...singing in the choir at Church and recognizing God as #1... are most important... I also have a home based business with magnetic and far intra red health care products..peace to all who read this, Love, Jeane
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