My View from the Choir

I watch her infant eyes

She takes in the whole of it

stained glass rainbows

candles flickering

altar draped in white

choir singing alleluias

Gospel hopes proclaimed

chalice gleaming

bread awaiting blessing


Her father’s arms

wrap her in love’s grace

while she lifts her face

eyes wide with wonder

pure and untainted

by fear or sorrow


A channel of love

for all who see her

She gathers and reflects joy

a treasure stored inside

for times to come

if spirit starts to fade

or light hides

behind life’s burdens


She will search for joy again

when she has grown

past the babe in arms

of her beginnings

who plays with shadows

and always sees the light


And when she finds anew

light’s  beam inside

the place where joy resides

she will once again

dance with her shadows

and know that love

was with her all along

About geniecan

Born and raised in " America's finest City" received BS degree in nursing years ago... main career besides wife and motherhood ( and now a grandma)was as a hospice RN for 18 years...Take great joy in finding the good in all things and believing that " No Thing is Ordinary" the title of my blog. I am working on a children's picture book story named R-Qu.. a rock falls of his mountain. Writing poetry is one of my happiest things to do. Yoga, water aerobics,, gym exercise and walking our wheaton terrior, Finley, with my husband Jim are favorite things...oh yes...singing in the choir at Church and recognizing God as #1... are most important... I also have a home based business with magnetic and far intra red health care products..peace to all who read this, Love, Jeane
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2 Responses to My View from the Choir

  1. This is very pretty. I especially like the phrase dancing with shadows.

    • geniecan says:

      thanks so much.. I am real new at this blog game

      not even sure if you will get this comment automatically or if I need to type in your e address.. Happy New Year!.

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