Compost Open House


Compost Open House

I sit with back against an ancient oak, straw hat for shade and note book in hand in the garden of an artist’s open-house in the back country. This is a piece of off-the-map heaven I’ve never seen before.

The folk singer, guitar in hand, hair amber soft around her youthful shoulders calls out to me down the hill.

“You look like a picture down there!”

“So do you,” I call back and realize that I feel like a picture. I must be shining. She sure is.

“Well I hope you get inspired.” She says. “You’re sitting by the compost pile you know, and there’s a lot going on in there!” She grins.

I realize my nose is basking in the aromas of all things organic. I write:


Words and ideas

   stew around my brain

 like scraps of fertile leftovers

in a steamy compost pile

 They sift and brew together


like people on a crowded summer’s lawn

waiting for a concert

ripe with perfumed sweat

When the music starts, the heap of soil

rich from man’s beginnings

 and his ends

begins to dance and so do I

Life sprouts once again

A poem is born

Jean E. Taddonio


About geniecan

Born and raised in " America's finest City" received BS degree in nursing years ago... main career besides wife and motherhood ( and now a grandma)was as a hospice RN for 18 years...Take great joy in finding the good in all things and believing that " No Thing is Ordinary" the title of my blog. I am working on a children's picture book story named R-Qu.. a rock falls of his mountain. Writing poetry is one of my happiest things to do. Yoga, water aerobics,, gym exercise and walking our wheaton terrior, Finley, with my husband Jim are favorite things...oh yes...singing in the choir at Church and recognizing God as #1... are most important... I also have a home based business with magnetic and far intra red health care products..peace to all who read this, Love, Jeane
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3 Responses to Compost Open House

  1. … nothing like a good compost pile.. 🙂

    • geniecan says:

      indeed (-; sent out my 4th query letter for ” R-Qu” (-; and already got feed back from one agent…though he didn’t think he could live without it, he gave me some good suggestions…onward and upward (-; Love you Sis

  2. I love those moments when you feel like you’re shining. I really like that you compare thoughts and ideas to leftovers that are fertile.

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