Dreams come true!


Dear Bloggers.. I’m not sure about the protocol of ” tooting my own horn” but then I guess there is a measure of humility in that. Thank you for your kind patience if this is not a proper thing to do. I have just completed my first book! A children’s picture book illustrated by an 11 yr. old friend, Rowan. “The Tale of R-Qu…a rock falls off his mountain” (can be found on Amazon or by contacting me @ geniecan@cox.net)

Those of you who have followed my poetry may recognize my oft time themes of loss, hope, transformation and gratitude. They can also be found in the life of R-Qu, my rock of rose quartz, that lives at the top of a mountain. R-Qu takes a tumble after years of wearing down from the weather and the catastrophe of an earthquake. But unlike the egg we once knew, R-Qu does get put back together again, in an amazing way. I’m not telling.

Although this is primarily a child’s story, (K-3rd or 4th), I do hope older and younger children as well as the adults who love them will find some warm fuzzies and some layered lessons in this inspired tale. Most of all it is my prayer, that readers find joy and the hope that miracles and love can bring, which in the end, is really what life is all about.
The children I have read this to thus far, (prechool, second, third and fourth grade classes) seem to have grasped the themes I was hoping for, in the ways that fit their maturity levels (sometimes better than adults).

I never set out to have a children’s story be my first published book. I was hoping to have my poetry compiled between two lovely covers. However Someone greater than I, I believe, had other plans. The Tale of R-Qu evolved out of experiences of loss and discouragement,( my own and my young artist’s, as well as the life experiences of most all of us), and the the lessons we all must learn if we are to more than survive…Thrive! My many years experience as a hospice nurse also contributed greatly, no doubt.

Blessings to all of you who love to share your voices through the joy and the agony of writing.
Now I am learning how to work on a web site with the help of more talented souls than I. ( It will be http://www.thetaleofrqu.com)

Keep on writing all of you! and follow your dreams. Its all about love in the end. Hugs, Jean E.Taddonio….


About geniecan

Born and raised in " America's finest City" received BS degree in nursing years ago... main career besides wife and motherhood ( and now a grandma)was as a hospice RN for 18 years...Take great joy in finding the good in all things and believing that " No Thing is Ordinary" the title of my blog. I am working on a children's picture book story named R-Qu.. a rock falls of his mountain. Writing poetry is one of my happiest things to do. Yoga, water aerobics,, gym exercise and walking our wheaton terrior, Finley, with my husband Jim are favorite things...oh yes...singing in the choir at Church and recognizing God as #1... are most important... I also have a home based business with magnetic and far intra red health care products..peace to all who read this, Love, Jeane
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2 Responses to Dreams come true!

  1. Steve Austin says:

    I just read the Tale of R–Qu and wanted to offer my kudos and thanks to you and your young friend Rowan. It’s a delightful and touching story, the illustrations are beautiful, and the packaging and presentation are of the highest quality and very impressive!
    I came to it by way of my wife Cheri LaLone to whom you wrote a lovely inscription on the authors notes and dedication page. I was immediately drawn to it by virtue of the interesting title and beautiful front cover illustration.
    I look forward to reading more of your poetry and following your literary progress!
    Steve Austin

    • geniecan says:

      Gosh Steve, thanks so much…what a sweet surprise to read your generous words. It is quite an adventure shepherding The Tale of R-Qu…out into the world… The story continues to motivate me in the sharing even when I’m feeling tired. It seems to affect adults and children in a variety of ways.. but most adults agree…It is a story that belongs to all of us. Thanks so much again.. this is the first Word Press comment I have received on the story and now I have a web page ( first suggested by a 7 year old!) http://www.thetaleofr-qu.com Blessings to you too! Jean E. Taddonio

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