faithful to her calling
she shows up
even when fullness fades
and shape begins to shift
she owns the beauty
of her light

Jean E .Taddonio

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A Word About Daddy

I was only three
when I awakened him to announce

Daddy, I’m afraid of the dark”
Mom stayed asleep. It was 2:00 a.m.

Oh honey, let’s go see
don’t be afraid

lifted high atop his shoulders
I had no place to hide my face

He held my legs
wrapped tight against him
comfort enough for bravery

I kept my eyes wide open
while we wandered
through the silence

watched the full moon
make shadows through the blinds

the furniture held its emptiness
with no monsters in sight

I knew I was safe in my father’s love
and that was all I needed

That was all I ever needed

Jean E. Taddonio

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A Poet’s Voice

Poets give voice
to thoughts mined from hearts
respond to a call to delve deeper
grapple with questions
answered by mystery

Poets grant dreams
a place to sift light from darkness
distill imaginings
gleam without pretense
reflect sunlight on cobwebs

Poets seek wisdom
beyond whimsy or
bouts of emotion
pray for words to endure
and laughter to cure

Poet’s embrace
the shifting of winds
both soothing and restless
the wild wonder of life
and the sad of good byes

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She  dives deep

into a well of self-pity

drinks her fill

of murky waters

until at last she completes

her holiday time off

from pretending

all is well

and discovers she is

not pretending


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Imprint on My Heart

She knew they were for me
God prompted her, she said
when she arrived at the door

The orange-sweet roses were past budding
The florist lady had handed them to her
Said they were too open to sell

Just gave them to her, for free
And then she, my friend
drove straight to my house

Here, I know its Danny’s birthday
This is your day of remembering
God gifted me with these, for you

Long ago my son was born
Short a time he lived
He is an imprint on my heart

Sunsets later
The roses are still blooming
and my heart is full

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I drive past my childhood home
It’s been many years
and I feel like I’ve checked
under my pillow
and found the tooth fairy’s surprise

Dare I knock at the door
what I thought was a mansion
is more like a doll house
Will the walls recognize me

Will I remember
for a little while
The love that brought me
through my storms
has never gone away

How blessed am I
I’ll say
While countless childrens’ worlds
these days are in shambles

without even a doll house
to remember
and only memories to forget

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Perhaps Tomorrow

She sees an unexpected reminder
of my past sorrow
and falls into dread

of her own anniversary date’s arrival
Children are not supposed to die
before their parents, it is said

Hers died without warning, too soon
There’s never a good time
to break your heart

When was her last Good-bye
Did she say I love you, hold him close
Will she ever stop asking Why

And so I search for words
bring her flowers
hold her close and share her tears

And when the crying’s done this day
we’ll have a cup of tea and cry some more
not wait again till May

Perhaps tomorrow

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