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Morning Muse

  Morning Muse Quiet white between printed lines gives time to savor words. Space between notes allows music room to sing. Rest between movements fuels energy, Breathing amidst chaos restores clarity. Saying‘yes’to life’s mysteries requires courage to live beyond life’s … Continue reading

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Restless Woman

  Restless Woman Each time she seeks a change an aching to be free she pretends herself  a river raging for the sea   And when she widens into stillness and the restlessness subsides she smiles at her impatience no … Continue reading

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La Pine

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Prayer Partners

Each  unique, a puzzle piece set out in open view across the table curved and square straight-sided and jagged much the same, completely different bright colored and plain part of a whole incomplete without each other yet joined when one is missing glued … Continue reading

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Patience   The Liquid Ambers have released their leaves becoming more transparent in their early winter bareness   I’m reminded by their healthy poverty to simplify my life suspend my blooming in time   learn patience in this season of … Continue reading

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My View from the Choir

I watch her infant eyes She takes in the whole of it stained glass rainbows candles flickering altar draped in white choir singing alleluias Gospel hopes proclaimed chalice gleaming bread awaiting blessing   Her father’s arms wrap her in love’s … Continue reading

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Eye Surprise

                                      Gifts may go unnoticed if I haven’t learned to see reflections in a lake at  dawn the sky blue view from trees playful bubbles of a sand crab’s race the pleasure of a full moon’s face golden wings of … Continue reading

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Handwriting and Coffee Encounter

Words inked  on lined page have a beauty all their own like seeds sown in even rows that ripen in time bursting forth bounty colorful and fine  surprising satisfying sometimes worthy to be eaten                                                                                                      Coffee Encounter                  He … Continue reading

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Morning’s Window

She finds the measure of her day by the openness she brings to morning While her world’s still quiet silence anoints her ready to receive God’s surprises on the mountaintops of inspiration or the mundane task of breakfast making Each … Continue reading

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Un-seeming Connections

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